Pipedrop game in Iphone / Android Mobile

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How to play : Pipedrop

    • The pipes down game is to remove the connected pipes by tapping on it
    • When a pipe is longer than one piece, then remove the pipe by clicking on it
    • All other pieces that are connected to the selected pipe will be removed as well
    • Get points for every pipe you drop
    • You will get more points, if you drop larger pipe system
    • When an entire column is empty, the adjacent columns slam together
    • Likewise, if you drop a pipe placed inbetween, the pipes above the dropped one will be rearranged to fill the empty space
    • The game gets over when all the pieces are removed or when you are no longer able to remove any pipes
    • Get as many points as possible in a less time period
    • Have fun playing pipes down game for free

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