Hitori game in Iphone / Android Mobile
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How to play : Hitori

    • This Free Hitori Online Puzzler is played on a grid of squares
    • Each grid contains a number
    • You have to block the duplicate entries(repeated number) from every row and column
    • To block the duplicate number, double-click on the number or square
    • The grid turns black indicating that the entry is being blocked
    • Click on the squares once to mark them with a circle
    • Squares that you mark with a circle are the numbers which you think is not a duplicate
    • All the circled numbers are counted as white cells
    • To remove the block, again click on the blocked entry
    • It turns white
    • You cannot block the cells which are adjacent to the blocked cells - ie, either horizontal or vertical
    • You can block grids diagonally
    • If you think you have blocked all the duplicate numbers in all the rows and columns, click on Check to check whether you are correct
    • Reset the game to play again

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